Baby is on the way... now what?

Some of us immerse ourselves in pregnancy and baby books while others escape on a babymoon. Some of us are glowing while others are feeling a bit green. Some of us are preparing physically while others are preparing mentally.

Whether baby is coming to you with the help of adoption, hypnobirthing, IVF, Bradley (Stephen, Frank, Julia, or Sam), in a birthing center, in a bath, or at the hospital, there are a lot of decisions to be made between now and then.

Guide to your new life
There are so many resources out there, from blogs, to free parent papers, classes, drop-in groups, and books, but it's hard to find it all in one place.

Here's your hub for everything from prenatal classes to ballet classes, favourite family-friendly restaurants to weekend family outings and escapes. Rather than just listing everything out there, our goal is to provide insight into the different classes and experiences that we have had as parents of young children in the Boston area.
We're an interactive site and we will answer questions left for us, provide useful links and you can always track us down on twitter @ohbabyboston.